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We have been in existence for over 130 years as a community of gardening enthusiasts coming together to share knowledge, experience and friendship.

Meeting the second Thursday of each month between September and May we have many  interesting events including:

Seasonal parties
Annual shows
Gardening advice

Other than breaks during the 1st and 2nd World Wars and a brief period in the 1950's our horticultural society has been a continuous inspiration for many gardeners in the local area.


Cirencesterís Gardening Club

Stratton & Baunton Horticultural Society

The club hosted its annual Produce Show on August Bank Holiday Monday at the Stratton Schoolalong with the Macmillan Charity in the playing field.A joint show which we all put a lot of hard work, for the gardening club this starts on the Fridaybeforehand setting up the School and Village Halls which we useThis year was exceptional with the lovely weather we had on the day and more entries to theshow classes than we have had recently. The halls were full of colour and entrants expertise.Our raffle was well supported and with a kind donation of a lovely hamper to add to the prizes.

Our President, Pam Webb was on hand to show the albums which recorded previous holidaysand outings enjoyed by the club, and the Bee Keepers came to show the hard work done by thebees and their members.

Show cups were awarded to the winners of the various classes and presented by the chairman  Val Timbers.

Winners :

Vegetables : Class 1 1st P. Booth, Class 2 1st S. Butler, 2nd P. Booth, 3rd S. Woods Class 3 1stS. Butler 2nd P.Booth, Class 4 1st P. Booth 2nd S. Butler 3rd V. Timbers, Class 5 1st P.Booth 2ndC.Vickery 3rd S. Butler Class 6 1st P.Booth 2nd S. Butler, 3rd R.Woods, Class 7 1st A.Barnes 2ndC.Vickery 3rd P.Booth, Class 8 2nd S.Butler, Class 9 1st P.Booth, Class 10 1st L. Hocking 2nd A.Barnes 3rd T. Hocking, Class 11 1st C. Vickery 2nd S. Woods 3rd P.Booth, Class 12 1st D. Best2nd S. Butler, Class 13 1st A. Bird 2nd C. Vickery, Class 14 1st A. Bird 2nd S. Woods 3rd MCastle, Class 15 2nd E. Morgan 3rd S. Butler, Class 16 1st C. Vickery 2nd S. Butler 3rd V. Timbers Class 17 1st P. Booth 2nd E. Morgan 3rd C. Vickery Class 18 1st S. Butler, Class 19 1st C. Vickery2nd P. Booth 3rd R. Woods Class 20 1st P. Booth 2nd S. Butler, Class 21 1st S. Telling 2nd ABarnes 3rd S. Butler, Class 22 1st L. Hocking 2nd A. Bird, Class 23 1st P.Booth, Class 241st S.Butler 2nd S. Telling 3rd C. Vickery, Class 25 1st S. Butler 2nd C. Vickery.Flowers: Class 26 1st B. Robbins 2nd L. Hocking 3rd P. Barnes, Class 28 1st B.Robbins, Class 301st S. Woods 2nd P. Webb 3rd E Morgan, Class 31 1st M. Castle 2nd J. Howe 3rd B. Robbins,Class 321st G. Blackwell, Class 33 1st M. Castle, Class 34 1st G. Blackwell, Class 35 1st G.Blackwell 2nd B. Robbins 3rd S. Woods, Class 36 1st V. Timbers 2nd R. Leek 3rd S. Woods,Class 37 1st S. Woods 2nd L Thompson 3rd L McVann, Class 38 1st L. Hocking 2nd M Jenner3rd M. Castle, Class 39 1st A Blackwell 2nd M. Castle 3rd H. Herbert, Class 40 1st M. Jenner 2ndA. Steel 3rd L. Bond, Class 41 1st L McVann 2nd V. Timbers 3rd G. Blackwell, Class 42 1st L.McVann 2nd G. Blackwell 3rd S. Woods, Class 43 1st G. Blackwell 2nd G. Blackwell 3rd A. Bird,Class 441st G. Blackwell 2nd M. Jenner, Class 451st S. Thomas 2nd E. Morgan 3rd P. Webb,Class 46 1st E. Morgan 2nd L. McVann 3rd H. Herbert, Class 47 1st L. Hocking 2nd J. Howe 3rdM. Jenner, Class 48 1st L. McVann 2nd E. Morgan 3rd P.Webb, Class 49 1st P. Webb 2nd E.Morgan 3rd L. McVann, Class 50 1st G. Blackwell 2nd G. Blackwell 3rd L. Hocking, Class 51 1stG. Blackwell 2nd E. MorganNovice Flowers : Class 52 1st T. Wright 2nd A. WoodsNovice Vegetable : Class 55 1st D. Best 2nd E. Morgan, Class 56 1st A. Woods 2nd D. Best 3rd E.Morgan, Class 57 1st H. Timbers 2nd E. Morgan 3rd D. Best, Class 58 1st E. Morgan 2nd D. Best3rd H Timbers, Class 59 1st D. Best 2nd H. Timbers 3rd e. Morgan.Members Specials : Class 60 1st P. Barnes 2nd H. Herbert 3rd V. Timbers, Class 61 1st P. Barnes2nd C. Vickery 3rd M. Jenner, Class 621st S. Butler 2nd G. Blackwell 3rd A. BarnesFruit : Class 63 1st D. Best 2nd R. Leek 3rd R. Leek, Class 64 1st A. Steel 2nd S. Woods, Class65 1st R. JennePhotographs : Class 66 1st S. Butler 2nd P. Booth 3rd S. Mathews, Class 67 1st L. McVann 2ndM. Jenner 3rd V. Timbers, Class 68 1st T. Cowling 2nd S. Mathews 3rd L. McVann, Class 69 1st JHowe 2nd T. Cowling 3rd T. CowlingHome Economics : Class 70 1st E. Morgan 2nd A. Collins 3rd S. Harris, Class 71 1st M. Castle

2nd S. Best 3rd M. Jenner, Class 72 1st S. Butler 2nd G. Strickland 3rd R. Jenner, Class 73 1st J.Howe 2nd M. Castle 3rd S. Best, Class 74 1st J. Dowling 2nd J. Howe 3rd M. Castle, Class 75 1stJ. Howe 2nd E. Morgan 3rd M. Castle, Class 76 2nd E. Morgan, Class 77 1st S. Best 2nd EMorgan 3rd M. Castle, Class 78 1st S. Best 2nd M. Castle 3rd E. Morgan, Class 79 1st E. Morgan

2nd H. Herbert 3rd C. Vickery.

Floral Art : Class 80 1st M. Jenner 2nd E. Morgan, Class 81 1st A Blackwell, Class 82 1st P.

Barnes 2nd M. Taylor 3rd M. Castle, Class 83 1st C. Price 2nd L. Bond £rd J. Howe 3rd V.

Timbers, Class 84 1st J. Howe 2nd V. Timbers 3rd L. Thompson, Class 85 1st M. Castle 2nd M.

Taylor 3rd J. Howe 3rd C. Price.

Handicrafts : Class 86 1st L.Long 2nd P.Betts 3rd S. Woods, Class 87 1st P.Barnes 2nd S. Harris

3rd C. Tovey, Class 88 1st J. Dowling 2nd N. Howlett, Class 90 1st J. Webber, Class 91 1st K.

Strickland 2nd K. Strickland 3rd C. Day 3rd G. Ponting, Class 92 1st M. Castle, Class 93 1st P.Tarr

2nd P Tarr 3rd L. Thompson, Class 94 1st P.Barnes 2nd A.Barnes 3rd R. Jenner, Class 95 1st R.

Leek 2nd A. Cowling 3rd S. Woods.Children : Class 97 1st A. Leek 2nd A. Price 3rd A. Leek.


I received a message from Randy, one of our younger gardeners, who was wanting to build a shed for his gardening equipment.  He found this site, which gave him lots of information and tips on construction.  He thought if he passed it onto me to add to our website other people may find it useful too.    Many thanks Randy and anyone else who finds a useful website please let us know.  I think a directory of sites could be a useful  resource.

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